Thursday, April 30, 2009

There is Nothing to Talk About

This week in class was the last movie. I admit that it will be sad not getting to watch an awesome movie a week and get a grade for it, but what a movie to end it on. We watched the 1999 new classic movie Fight Club. The movie is the story of the recent life changing experiences of a man. We never find out the name of the man played by Edward Norton, which really upsets me. In any movie where the main character has no name there is usually some other strange happenings, and this is definitely the case in Fight Club. There are so many strange plot devices, camera angles, and just strangeness in general, but this is one of the reasons why I love this movie.

The movie deals with a schizophrenic office worker that has one bad ass imaginary friend, which is not revealed as being imaginary until the end of the film, but this is not one of the movies that is bad the second time you see it, you know who I'm talking about Number 23, but I found that I was able to see more of the movie this time I saw it. I had already seen it once before and liked it, but this time I loved it. I guess the first time I was not looking for the subtle humor or did not catch the oh so awkward moments between Marla and "the guy". It is strange how this movie can also make jokes about the way it is made. It has jokes about the dramatic irony of the movie, and also about the nonlinear time line of the movie. There are jokes about how Marla and "the guy" are both faking in the different support groups. Fight Club is definitely a funny action movie.

The part of the movie that I like the most would have to be the way it is shot. The dark shadows, the sometimes 3d shots that are given, the way that things just happen to pop up in the shot like it is a catalog, and most of all the gore that just looks very real. I like everything about the visual appeal of the movie. The story drug me into Fight Club, but it is the visual stimulation that makes me love the movie, and what sends the movie over the top of cool.

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  1. I am sure the Number 23 is bad the first time you see it too.

    The look of Fight Club is really interesting now that you mention it. I never really given it enough credit there.