Thursday, April 23, 2009

Its Hip to be a Square

The North Face_______Members Only
Nintendo 64_________Sega Dreamcast
Star Wars___________Star Trek
Family Guy_________ South Park
SNL ______________Mad TV
The Wiggles_________ Barney
LEGOs____________ Linkin Logs
Erector Sets_________ K'nex
Humanism ________ _Catholicism
Raiders of the Lost Arc_ Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
4d movies __________ 3d movies
Rock Band__________ Guitar Hero
Domestic Partnership__ Same Sex Marriage
Marijuana__________ Meth
Lunch Box__________ Brown Bag
Mr. Furious_________ White Goodman
Apple _____________ Linux
Ottoman ___________Foot Stool
Wikipedia___________ Encyclopedia

I would like to start out by saying that I do not agree in the order that some of the things in my list are placed. Some things are labeled as HIP just because most of the main stream culture says it is hip (THE NORTH FACE), but that is not what this first paragraph is about. The first thing that I want to examine in my list is Erector Sets and K’nex. Now, both of these toys have been around for a while and they are both cool in there own rights, but one is more hip than the other. Erector Sets are hipper because lets face it, they are more dangerous. They are metal, come with lights and motors, and you can build so much more with them. K’nex have pre-cut pieces of plastic with pre-spaced gaps where you have to put the pieces together. Now both of these toys are fun, but K’nex have more constraints and less you could do with them, and they are safer which, to me, makes them less hip.

ow the second pair of items that I am going to discuss is Family Guy and South Park. The two are both cool, but society has deemed Family Guy to be hip and South Park to be square. Now the reason for this escapes me sometimes. The only thing that Family Guy has going for it is cult comedy. There are large breaks where random objects and jokes are stuck into the story line at any point. Now South Park has been nominated, and received awards for some episodes because of there content and subject matter, where it is viewed as square because of the humor that is used. One is seen as hip because it is “family” oriented, and the other uses harsh language that hits hard to viewers. Even though South Park conveys important messages, it is seen as square because of the level of “dirty humor”.


  1. Are things hip just because the mainstream says so? That seems only contradictory to me. Which items would you switch around?

  2. I think things can be hip and not cool. Like my example of THE NORTH FACE jackets. They are not cool, but so many people are wearing them, they have to be seen as hip.

  3. Star Trek is square? Fighting words, sir! Fighting words!