Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cool Subversion

Now this is the last post of this blog... presumably we won't have to write again. The class has been great, so many good movies. So the theme of the week is "Cool Subversion". Of course the movie was Fight Club. Thanks to Google, I found out that subversion is corruption. It is the act of destroying something, usually from the inside. No fight club is all about that. Project Mahem uses the credit card's own employees to set up for the destruction of the buildings. Subversion is not seen only in movies, but in most people's everyday lives.

In the movies and TV shows, subversion is seen in many espionage movies. It is seen in The Italian Job when Steve sabotaged the group. It is seen in many TV shows when someone people trust turn on them. But in real life, this is when subversion becomes interesting. Subversion is one of the main tools that hackers implement to get the job done, and not just with computers either. Social networking is the number one way that hackers and con artists get money. They learn you, get you to trust them... the boom your money is gone. Now thinking about this is scary, and does not get the thought of cool, but it is pretty cool. The reason that it is cool is because to cause something to be destroyed from the inside out you have to first understand the subject completely. Look at people the implode buildings. The buildings fall seamlessly into itself, and it is wonderful. For a person to cause destruction from the inside, great skill is needed, much more than attacking from the outside. While not all subversion is cool, the way that people can implement is something that I see as being cool.