Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rebel with a Cause

So when a minority of people have a problem with how the majority of people are being governed a rebellion is soon to follow. In this class we are suppose to show resemblances of how the genres of cool in the movies that we watch correspond to other forms of that cool in newer multimedia sources. This practice has been all well and good for the other "cools" that we have seen, but when the genre of "cool rebellion" came up, I just did not believe that only the views of other movies and video games would do the thought justice. Rebellion is not a plot device created by authors or movie directors, it is an occurrence in history and throughout the lives of some people everyday. Some people do it for freedom, some do it for corruption, and some do it because it is life. Because it is part of life, rebellion makes it into the movies and other media.

Of course this rebellion makes for good action and then is made into, in most cases, novels first, then it goes onto other genres. One of the greatest novels that I can think of that fit this bill is Animal Farm. This classic book depicts the rebellion and revolt of a group of animals on a farm that find that they are stronger than their "captors" and have the power to overthrow them and take over the farm. This book also shows that "Absolute power will corrupt absolutely". A classic result of a rebelion that started out cool but then quickly went down hill, like so many forceful takeovers have done, and this was the difference between most other rebellions and the counter culture of the 1960s.

The biggest difference that I see between a "regular rebellion" and the rebellion of the counter culture is the line between the types of cool. The idea behind the counter culture movement was definitely part of the transcendent cool. The culture wanted to break apart rom the rest of the culture of the time and do there thing and be self sufficient. However, this was soon infiltrated by people who just wanted no responsibility. So the rebelion of peace was conquered by there purposes. They wanted peace for all. They accepted everyone and this killed their movement. But just because there was no fighting like with the Alliance, but it could have worked. I am not going to say that rebellion is cool, but the results can be.

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  1. You're right about not needing media for this. We already have so many idealized pictures of historical rebellion.

    Is there any way to keep a rebellion from becoming corrupted then?

  2. Rebellion isn't necessarily cool, but the results can be? So, are you saying that the only way for a rebellion to be cool is for it to succeed?