Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Culture is the Coolest

This week was about the culture of a region being cool, and what can be cooler than America. Now I am not saying that America is the best country out there, but it certainly is cool. Think about it, when you try to describe the primary culture of America, what do you say? There really is no answer to that question. With the culture of America there is not much one culture, but many subcultures that are abundant. There are so many scenes that have been cool, from grunge to punk to the nerdy cool of today. The fact that we are willing to mix and blend the cultures of various places and groups just lets our own culture grow more.

But if I were to ask someone from another country what they thought of when they heard "American Culture" they would probably say the hip-hop culture. Now this culture is not completely known for it's cool. It is known for violence, explicit lyrics, and it is known for the graphic nature of the music videos that are made. But some positively cool things have come out of the culture of hip-hop, and some sub-cultures have spawned from hip-hop.

Even though the hip-hop culture is not the "primary American culture, it has impacted the world over. From Japan to France and even the middle east, hip-hop's popularity has grown and people take the culture to new levels. A TV show has spawned, people do inhuman dance feats, and make music the likes no one could have imagined. Hip-Hop culture is cool.


  1. Pluralism is totally cool!

    You say that there are some cool things to emerge from hip-hop, but what are these things?

  2. I've always thought that the appeal of hip-hop was similar to the appeal of the ideal of organized crime. In the world of hip-hop, everyone gets guns, cars, chrome, giant clothes (not sure why this is cool), and lots of scantily clad women. I suppose it is the power to have these things at your fingertips that is cool.

  3. Fjohn is right. Pluralism is pretty cool. It is wierd but very appealing that America doesn't have one singular culture, rather a mass of subcultures that join together like a puzzle. I guess everyone has a place then.