Thursday, February 12, 2009

Voices in my head... Cool?

This week we watched Play it Again, Sam with Woody Allen. Throughout the movie Allen sees Bogart in his head telling him what to do and always taking his cues from him. So the question was brought up by Donna, who is the voice in my head? This should be an easy question to answer, ok... who is in my head when I want to be cool? That's easy, I think of... hum... not so easy a question.

So, who would I think of? Well, I don't thin that it as simple for me as just to pick one person like some people can. I think that for the voice that tells me how to be "that guy", I would have to pick Danny Zuko from Grease. He gets the girls, he knows cars, he is cool. So that's the guy that when I am talking to people, or just don't want to look like a looser that's who talks to me.

But, when I think of doing something odd, or building something, I thing of Adam Savage from the Mythbusters. Yes I know that this might be one of the nerdiest things that I could have said in a class dealing with cool, but he is awesome. Anyone that gets to do the things that he does and to build the thngs that he does, that is the epitamy of what I think cool is. So, when I am trying to not be a looser, Zuko, and when I am trying to build... Savage.


  1. I would agree that Adam Savage is completely cool. He gets to blow stuff up on his own tv show. In some cases I might say that Savage is cooler than Danny Zuko because Zuko can be such a jerk at times.

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  3. I agree. Danny Zuko is pretty much a doucher. Luke you're not like Danny at all, and if he's talking to you then you just need to whoop his ass. But you, like Adam, can build some pretty neat stuff.

  4. I don't think there's anything at all wrong with choosing Adam! He is very cool. He kind of hits that transcendent cool that FJohn has mentioned. He is passionate about what he does, even to the point of burning off his own eyebrows. That's very cool.

    Don't be afraid to expand on your subjects more!

  5. What is the common factor in their cool that allows you to want to be both of these guys