Thursday, February 5, 2009

Casablanca is Heavy

So this week we watched Casablanca, a movie that I have already seen about five or six years ago. When I saw it then I have to admit that I absolutely hated it. I am not sure whether or not I just was prejudice against black and white films back then or what, but when we watched it last night, I thoroughly enjoyed it. All things considered I am surprised that I liked it. I usually hate romantic movies and want to avoid them at all cost, but Casablanca does not focus the movie's whole plot around Rick and Ilsa's love story, but uses his past to show why Rick is the way he is, and to let the audience know the sacrifice that Rick is having to make.

Starting very early on Rick is a very cool character. He is extremely neutral, which could be a symbol of the policy of the US during the start of WWII. Rick is so cool because he does what he wants, when he wants, and it does not matter what anyone else thinks he is going to do it. He sticks his neck out for no one. This mentality is what sets Rick apart and shows that he is cool, he is a heavy character, he is Rick and this is his Cafe. Rick is a bad ass, the definition of cool, and continues to be one throughout the film. It is not until Ilsa comes into the Cafe that we see Rick change, and we find out why Rick acts the way he does.

Even though Rick is a heavy character (which probably comes from Humphrey Bogart's other previous roles in gangster movies) he shows a side of himself that many people can agree with. Rick has had his heart broken and does not want that to happen again. The flash back that he had let me see Rick as a doer. He does what he can to get what he wants, or in this case does not want. This is why at the end of the film Rick lets Ilsa and Victor leave. He helped them because he knows that people look up to Victor and he must thrive to make a difference. However, Rick has to sacrifice his love with Ilsa to achieve this goal. At the end of the film, Rick is still cool, but for his sacrifice, not for his "I don't give a damn" attitude.


  1. Your comment about how you didn't like the movie before you watched it in the context of class is interesting. Do you think that just because we are telling you that these movies and characters are cool you are going to think that they are?

  2. No, usually when someone says that a movie is good I don't agree for the most part. I tend not to just like something because others do.

  3. Perhaps you enjoyed it now because you saw it as more than just a romance. Some of these movies take being older to understand, simply because we have learned more about the context of the time.

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