Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cool Through My Eyes

What is cool? Many people think that very differently about being cool, what is cool, who is cool, or even what makes up that certain factor that denotes cool. I'm sure that if you were to survey ten people to tell you something that was cool you would get at least five different answers. They would probably be from Glam Rock to Madonna and many in between.

Guitar Hero II
Invader Zim
Halo 3
Chuck Norris
Star Wars

Many people see cool as the kind of person that goes against society, the rebel without a cause, someone like the legendary James Dean.

Some people say that James Dean is the epitome of cool. He lived his life how he wanted to, he was famous, he was becoming a big star, and he was a bad ass. One of my favorite quotes comes from him. He said,

Dream as if you will live forever,
Live as if you will die today.

The style in which he lived his live is cool. He would have been a cool person to hang out with, and he definitely did many cool things, but in total I would not think that personifies cool.

So what do I think is cool? That's a hard question because usually what I think of as cool, most people would think of as being nerdy, but I believe F-John said that nerdy can be cool.


I like transcendent cool. I think that the coolest is when someone can build, make, create, modify, or just do awesome things because they have spent a great amount of time practicing and doing what they do no matter how nerdy it might be. In my book, some of the coolest people are the people that can make amazing 3d computer art, the people that can play some video game outrageously well, anyone that goes to the Burning Man festival, and personally anyone that can build or create anything is cool.

This is Bre Pettis. He does video Podcasts about the things that he makes. He creates many things and is very cool. Anyone that can create something from a DIY mp3 player to zombie makeup to a bicycle out of spare parts has something that appeals to me. I don't know if it is my nerdy side or my creative side, but ether side it is it is cool.


  1. It is interesting how there seem to be two sides to cool; one is more passive while the other is more aggressive. And yet, both are not a major part of society when deemed cool...

  2. Very interesting dissection of what it means to be cool to you, and I have to agree - that obsessive ferocity that some people have for certain activities, ideas, etc. etc., makes them seem like the antithesis of cool in many ways - but also makes them cool.

    I particularly enjoyed your YouTube link. Your entries are already improving. Keep it up!

  3. Thank you Whit. It is easy to try to improve when the subject matter is interesting.